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How anybody can reserve or book the offers?

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How to set up a bookable resource?

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Terms of use



How to set up a bookable resource?

To set up a bookable resource go to the admin-menu-entry Resources.

Click on the  symbol on the top left, to create a new resource.


The resource can be configured versatile.
The following fields are significant:

Resource name: A significant name for yor resource. Is used many times in the system.
Subtitle(optional): Will only be displayed in resource-detail-view.
Short description:

Is displayed on the calendar, too. Should be short and significant.

Detailed description /
explanations / conditions etc.:
Will only be displayed in resource-detail-view.

Helps to distinguish the diferent resources in calendar view.
Please pay attention on a harmonical color-set.

Active Yes / No: With this you can hide a resource temporary, and observe from beeing booked.
Kind of resource: Select "bookable" resource here.
Direct assignment Yes / No:

With Yes you can enable this resource to be bookable directly, without any confirmation!

With No the bookers only can reserve this date. They have to wait on your active, manul confirmation.


Fill in the user or admin, to which the reservation-/booking-mails should be sent by mail, and who will confirm the reservations explicitely, in case of "Direct assignment = no".

Bookings are possible in the time from: Fill in the first possilbe daily start-time for reservations / bookings.
Bookings are possible in the time until: Fill in the last possilbe daily end-time for reservations / bookings.
Preset duration for an unit:

If this field is empty, the booker can book his dates with FREE time-periods.

If this field is set, so the period of a reservation / booking is fixed to it.

Rest period between two bookings:

An optional rest-time between thow bookings which will be preserved, if set.

This field is only relevant, if the field "Preset duration for an unit" is set. Otherwise this field has no function.

Note (internal): A internal note for you, admin. Can not be seen by bookers.


So that a booker can find a calendar for booking this resource, you have to set up a website-gateway, which you have to integrate into your website.

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