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Terms of use



Terms of use
  • The TIME-FOX-service is available as it is realized. We aim to optimize the service for the largest clientele and we are open to your suggestions. But there is no claim to fullfill any individual changes to the service.
  • We aim ourself to ensure the highest possible availability of the service. But because of maintenance and updates, it can be necessary to shut down the server from time to time, in very less scopes.
    For downtime because of maintenance or because of tecnical error, in particular from side of third party (server-hoster, internet-failure, etc.), there is no claim for compensation.
  • The sending of reservations / booking confirmations / messages is realized automatically by e-mail per internet. Thereby it is not excluded, that a mail will not receive it's destination, because auf many different cases (internet-failure, virus scanners, not available mailboxes, ...). Therefore we assume no liability.
  • For data processing the DSGVO and BDSG are applied. The collected data is exclusively used for the specified purpose. The operator will not pass on or sell the data to third party. (Detailed privacy policy)
    Publication of appointment-data, for example by including into your homepage, is done in your own responisbility.
  • The database with the appointment-data will be backed-up daily. For possible loss of data by technical failure we will not indemnify.
  • Expired reservations / bookings / appointments will be further displayed for exact 2 years after its elapse time. After this derivation time the appointment-data will be deleted from the system.
  • The operator subjects to suspend the service after suitable pre-announcment within three month.
  • It is forbidden to store data in the system, which are hurtful or dangerous in meaning or purpose. To this belongs pornography, glorification of violence and content which is against human dignity or human rights, in particular.
  • It is forbidden to resale the service of TIME-FOX in same or modificated way.
  • The support for TIME-FOX will be done exclusive by e-mail, to reduce costs.
  • At violation we will conditionally exclude the user or organisation from the use of this service, without any refund of expenses and will prosecute if applicable.
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